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About us

UAB EDVITIKA was founded in 1997. UAB Edvitika has been a member of the Lithuanian Shipbuilders and Repairers Association (LLRSA) since 2006. We have been certified by the Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration of the Republic of Lithuania according to our activities.

We carry out installation of insulation, sandblasting, and painting. The company employs qualified experts who have more than 10 years of experience. This allows us to guarantee that our work is performed at a high level of quality. Since 1998, our staff has worked in collaboration with the Baltija Shipbuilding Yard and with companies of the BLRT group in insulation installation and painting. Our paint specialists have painted ship structural blocks, superstructures and parts using airless painting systems. Our insulation specialists have provided the fire and thermal insulation installations on all orders of the Baltija Shipbuilding Yard JSC made for the Odense "Lindo" (OSS), Stralsund (VVP) shipyards and the "Masa Yard” company.

From 2010 to 2011, our specialists installed several types of different insulation for the STX Finland Cruise Oy project - onboard the   “P&O Ferries” at the Rauma Shipyard (Finland).


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